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Social studies essay outline
To write a proper paper, you need to follow the points given:

Make an introduction.
Write the theoretical part.
The first argument and its explanation.
The second argument and its explanation.

The minimum number of words to write in the essay is not specified, so you can write a academized review of any length.

In this paragraph (the first paragraph) you need to formulate one of the ideas of your chosen statement and explain its meaning.
Theoretical part
In this paragraph, you need to prove the first paragraph, relying on theoretical knowledge, that is, bring at least 3 concepts related to the idea, disclose their meaning, relate to each other and to the chosen topic. Note that you do not just need to write the definition of concepts, but also to explain them, to speculate about their relationship, the relationship to the idea.

Also, you do not need to write unnecessary concepts that have nothing to do with the chosen topic, that is, if you write about the state budget, then take the concepts related to it - the state budget itself, its revenue and expenditure parts, ways in which money is allocated, sources of revenue part, etc.

As such, there are no clichés for this part, but you can start the paragraph by saying, "Let's turn to theory to support this idea."
First and Second Arguments
Many students have a lot of trouble with this part, because sometimes it can be difficult to give two examples from different sources. But you always have to be craftier, because you can come up with your own sources of arguments.

For example, we have the idea of the role of taxes in the state. The first argument we have is about some developed country with high taxes. Let us say, Sweden. And we can start it by saying:

"An example to confirm this idea is the article I read in the source (name of newspaper, magazine, TV channel, etc.)" Next we describe the situation with taxes in Sweden and make a mini-conclusion about high taxes and their impact on the level of development of the country.
As a second example, we can give a backward country which has minimal taxes, but also a very low standard of living, such as Nicaragua or Zimbabwe. And we begin our second argument:

"In addition, from the school course (geography, history, social studies, life skills, and others) I know about such a country with...". Then we describe the situation of a poor country and link it to low taxes.
Note that the arguments have a similar structure, but since we specified different sources, it is safe to get 2 points on this criterion.

The main thing is to specify the exact name of the source, do not say that you just heard it, and specifically write where.

There is no criterion that refers to the conclusion, but that does not mean that the conclusion does not need to be written. You can end on an argument, but that way your essay won't look complete and coherent, so the conclusion is worth writing.

Algorithm for writing an essay:
Read all statements carefully. Identify one or more main ideas. Formulate one or more theses in the context of the statement that require justification.
Think about which terms and statements from the social studies course can be attributed to this statement and write them.
Correctness of the use of concepts, theoretical statements, reasoning, and conclusions.
Quality of facts and examples:
there should be at least two examples, but more can be given.
as sources can be used facts of social life, personal social experience (books read, movies watched), materials of academic subjects (history, geography, etc.).
they must be given without errors, concrete and detailed
the example should illustrate the stated judgement, so do not try to place them at the end of the text.

Not sure how to start writing an essay? Start with a simple...Posted in Student Tips
Universal essay outline
Where to start writing an essay: 7 tips
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